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What our customers have to say:

Dear Billy and Andy:

Thank you both for the bushel of assorted fruits from your garden center.

I appreciate your thoughtfulness and I will share this gift with the members of my staff. I commend you on your successful business, providing the greater Baltimore area with a dynamic one stop shop for all of their gardening needs. Valley View Farms has been a model for locally owned businesses in the area and I wish there were more like it.

Thank you again and I wish you and your entire family a happy, healthy, and prosperous holiday seasonn.


C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger

Member of Congress

To: Valley View Farms,

Visiting Valley View Farms has become a family Christmas tradition for 40 years. My father used to bring my son to your Christmas shop when he was a toddler (he even brought my son's kindergarten class there for a class trip) and now my husband and I bring our grandson every year. This has become an all-day family outing since we live an hour and a half away.

This year during our recent trip, my grandson picked out a particular ornament that he really wanted. I thought that his parents had gotten it and they thought we had purchased it. Of course, neither of us had the ornament. My grandson was really disappointed! I called your shop and spoke with Mary Beth. Mary Beth went downstairs, found the ornament and called me back within minutes. She took all of my information and has sent the ornament to my grandson.

This may seem like a long story for such a little ornament, but anyone with a grandchild will understand what it is like to disappoint a little one, especially at Christmas! Please pass along my gratitude to Mary Beth, her supervisor and anyone else you can think of, especially Santa Claus!

Congratulations for having such a caring staff. As anyone in business knows, a business is only as good as it's help.


Dee Shelton

Waldorf, Maryland

Dear Mr. Foard,

Last week my 94 year old mother and I visited Valley View Farms. I was on a quest to find clear replacement bulbs for an angel tree topper. Our daughter purchased the angel with her own money in 1989 as a gift for her Dad and me, so you can see the sentimental attachment we have to it.

I was not sure my fingers could replace these tiny bulbs, so I asked one of your associates, Carlton, if he would do it for me. To my surprise, he very pleasantly agreed and said it would take a few minutes.

Mom and I strolled up and down the aisles admiring the beautiful trees and managed to find a few new ornaments and some candles. When Carlton returned he plugged in the angel to show me how beautiful she looked. I know I thanked him for his help and kindness, but I think you should know that he went beyond normal customer service and that he personifies the Christmas spirit.

The beauty of your business and the kindness of your associated, especially Carlton, brings us back to Valley View Farms year after year. We wish you much success and prosperity!

Many Thanks!

Elizabeth Bohlman

(December 17, 2012)

Dear Mr. Foard,

Valley View is definitely the BEST Garden Center in Baltimore - after being in retail for 35 years, I do know about salespeople and customer service.

My husband and I bought a tree there in September of 2011. After getting it, we loved the service of delivery and planting of the tree done by Seth.

After 9-10 months we thought the tree was dead. I called Valley View to have someone look at it. Seth came out, said it was dead and said he would give us credit for the tree and he would plant the new tree and deliver it with no charge to us.

So we paid $120 more for a beautiful Japanese Dogwood, plus that day I bought two blue cypress trees. Seth is by far one of the nicest, most thorough guys to deal with. Please recognize him as a true asset to Valley View.

Very sincerely,

Dianne Tuchey

(September 10, 2012)

Dear Valley View Farms Personnel Dept.:

My husband and I have been patronizing your nursery for years, but this year we have been so impressed with one of your staff members, that we feel compelled to contact you about him. The young man's name is Ryan, and so far this season he has identified insect and fungus problems on several different leaf samples that we've brought to him: He has also instructed me on pruning and dead-heading some flowering bushes; and he has labeled problem-grasses that have invaded our lawn. The remedies that he has recommended seem to be working. We keep returning to him and he is always receptive, kind, and knowledgeable. We are certain that other customers and staff members have made you aware of Ryan's exceptional horticultural expertise. We want you to be appraised as well of his personable, caring manner and of his genuine concern for our gardening success. We salute Valley View Farms for being so well represented.


Judy Hunovice

Note to Seth in our Nursery Department:

Dear Seth,

Thank you very much for doing such a complete and good job on the roses and their arbor. You made it all come through and it looks as if it's going to be great. Thank you for your patience and expertise - I am so grateful!!!

All the best,

Cynthia Parsons

Thank you once again for your help with the mum order for Stevenson University's Homecoming celebration. As always, you listened and understood our preferences and your selections were spot-on. Both campuses looked beautiful.

Delivery went smoothly and although the mums are always wonderful, this year they are just spectacular!

Best Always,

Diane Di Salvo (Director of Cultural Programs, Stevenson University)

The Split Rail Garden Club wanted to send a message to thank you for the presentation to our group on Thursday. How did we ever get so lucky to have you select Ryan Gilmore to speak to us? He was so very patient, knowledgeable and personable with us. We had so many questions on lawn care and bug and animal prevention and Ryan gave us answers to our questions and recommended the best products to use. We all came away with a better understanding of our summer "to do" list and quality products to help us get the best results.

The Valley View reputation continues on.......professional, respectful employees that know how to provide good customer service.


Regards, Sue Drake (Corresponding Secretary, Split Rail Garden Club)

This is the best nursery around. If they don't have it, it's extinct of banned!

Jeavonna C.

To Whom It May Concern:

I'd visited Valley View Farms several times purchasing products for the Christmas season but had to make one final visit to pick up a small ornament for each of my staff members. As you could see on the receipt, it was just about a week prior to Christmas so it was quite busy.

The person I wanted to commend was a young man who processed my purchase for me. I was purchasing 14 individual ornaments, and for someone who has worked in retail, I know what a bother it could be to have to box each of those ornaments, especially when there is a line waiting to be checked out. Yet, he was in no way bothered by the task, and as a matter of fact, was quite pleasant and friendly in the process.

I know it is a difficult time for all people working in retail during the month of December, but I do believe that he went far beyond what anyone else had, even during my visits to Valley View Farms and thought he should be commended for his courtesy towards customers. It is something that is lacking in much of the retail industry. It will definitely give me the incentive to continue doing other shopping at Valley View Farms.

Thanks for your service!

Rev. Martin (Sparks, MD)

I went for the first time to Valley View Farms last night and it was AWESOME!!!!! Everyone was soooo nice. Best customer service I have EVER seen! And my husband is a customer service manager so I hear about CS all the time! LOL!

I am definitely going back. I read about the herb gardening seminar so I am going to try to make that one.

Thanks so much!


Every time I visit this place, I am more and more impressed with Valley View Farms and their friendly, knowledgeable staff that I had to come back and give them a five star rating.

The most recent visit was to buy a tree for our back yard – since we don’t know what species to look at, we thought we would pick someone’s brain for ideas while we were there. Scott took the time to find out what we had in mind as well as the location of where we wanted to plant the tree. He then toured us around his suggestions (his knowledge was impressive!), each time narrowing down the scope to how we reacted. When we were down to two or three, he stepped away to give us the time to think it over alone. He came back a few minutes later to check on us - and we later found out he did so in the middle of his lunch break! One of Scott’s colleagues had to tell him that he’d finish up with us so he could go back in to eat his lunch.

I don’t know about you, but I am so amazed by that kind of service! They’re not commissioned sales people there, so to take a break from your own break to check on your customers is unheard of. I am a customer for life!

Michelle J.

To the General Manager of Valley View,

Yesterday, two of your employees came to our home to plant a large number of trees. I want to let you know that they were exceptionally professional, patient, conscientious, courteous and careful. They did not rush, but where determined, not only to do the necessary job, but to do it well! 

Both Seth and Javier are to be commended and complemented for their hard work! They are both a credit to themselves and to your organization.

It’s easy to complain when things don’t go to your liking. It’s much more satisfying to compliment those who take pride in themselves and the work they do.


Anita and David (Reisterstown, MD)

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